Do Something Positive For Yourself! Take that First Step!

Have you ever watched a 5K Race (or any other similar community run) and wished you could do that? Or think you can’t? Or have before but life got in the way and you think it’s too late to go back? Here’s a great program with a very high rate of success!

If you can spare three hours of your week and follow my program how it is designed, you can and will complete a 5K in only 8 weeks. I am organizing several group classes now.

There will be others, just like you, who will join together two times a week for an hour each, and together you will reach your end goal of completing a 5K. You will also do an hour on your own at your convenience as homework, with my specific instructions.

If you click on the testimonials page above you will see many comments who have completed this program. I promise it is an experience you will never forget. I love seeing the joy of those, just like you, finishing a 5K, maybe for the first time ever. You may also even meet new friends, I’ve seen friendships start in my classes. The group setting gives you motivation as you see others working at the end goal as well.

I have been doing these classes for over 10 years now. It’s time for you to make that step! Classes will be located somewhere in Lancaster County, at a location to be determined by who signs up and where they are coming from. We will do Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, we can do evenings and/or mornings. So there is no excuse to contact me and show your interest! The cost will be under $100 for all 8 weeks!

Upgrade your quality of life! Sign up now! Click on the ‘contact me’ tab above and get started! All questions answered!

What does an Integrated Stretching Program do for you?

I recently added Integrated Stretching programs to my wellness lineup here at Run Your Best Race. This is probably the easiest and best way to enhance your quality of life, whether you are active or not today.

Here are some things that my customized integrated stretching programs can do for you:

Improve mobility, posture, breath, physical strength, mental state and clarity. sports performance, recovery from activity, blood flow, relaxation, and sleep.

It also can reduce stress, soreness, and fatigue.

I will soon be offering a limited amount of free stretching to introduce my service and to allow you to familiarize with what stretching is and can do for you personally. Stay tuned!

What Is Wellness?

I know we’re getting hopeful for escape from covid. I just wanted to share my thoughts and near term future goals for Run Your Best Race.

The pandemic has had a major affect on our wellness. One of the positive things is having so much alone time has given me the chance to set my plan in motion to make Run Your Best Race a full wellness outlet for you all.

Wellness has 6 dimensions. Emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. I have grown so much in 5 of those during this time of social distancing, with social wellness being the weakest. It wasn’t all bad, zoom and face time chats helped a lot. I can’t wait to get back to in person social situations.

Emotionally, I have learned in the past year to rid my mind of any anger and resentment. I’ve learned how freeing my mind has made life look so much better in everything. Physically I am working hard at eating better and exercising consistently and using various means of getting that exercise to strengthen all parts of my body. Improving my mind, body, and spirit wellness has made me a healthier person.

I have been studying to pass my nutrition coach exam and reading anything positive that I can get my hands on. I feel better when I am doing something positive and learning. That’s why making my living doing this is so satisfying. It’s not always easy to find that dream job but you can get some of that happiness from doing volunteer work.

Spiritually it’s been easy to grow with all of the isolation and alone time. I can calm my mind with meditation or music. This has helped me emotionally as well.

Wellness is a combination of all 6 dimensions. Once we get back to socializing in person I imagine I will be one complete happy guy.

Run Your Best Race will be offering any service to you that will contribute to your happiness and wellness. Whether it’s a plan to run your best, get stronger physically or mentally, learn how to eat better, either one on one or socializing with like minded people.

As the year goes, and as we start to break free of the isolation, I will be rolling out various programs to help in your wellness goal. I will outline what programs I will offer in detail.

Feel free to contact me at any time to ask questions or request a service that I may or may not be able to offer. If I am not qualified for something I will offer a referral to a well respected qualified person who can.

Hang in there! I will see you soon!

Image may contain: text that says 'You are a spirit ලටදමෙන්ක් in a body.. not a body with a spirit.. so making the body beautiful is fun but making the spirit beautiful is the main goal of this life.. read that again'

How Do You Practice?

I’m reading a book called “Peak” by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool. The main purpose of the book is to share results of 30 years of research on how the incredible performances of all time were set up by practice. This is not just limited to athletics but also music, academics, etc.

The book talks about practice. Deliberate practice. The way to get to deliberate practice is through purposeful practice. In other words not just going through the motions. Working on a specific weakness to improve, for example. Ericsson said something that jumped out at me. He said “purposeful practice requires getting out of one’s comfort zone.”

What he means is trying something you never tried before. If you ran a 400 meter race every week for a year and couldn’t get faster than 60 seconds, you can find something in your training that will allow you to break that barrier. Maybe you need to do more strength training to build up the glutes or arms. Maybe you need to work on posture. Or, maybe it’s a mental thing and you need to change the way you attack the race.

You get the idea, I think. The record in the marathon at one point was not too much under 3 hours. Runners didn’t start getting better endurance over generations. They learned what it takes to get faster for a longer period of time. They practiced on the specific things they needed to work on to get faster. They went out of their comfort zone.

Imagine if everyone said ‘Well, it’s a world record so there is no way I can beat that time.’ They didn’t, so the record was broken. And it was broken many times.

You can do great things as well. And it takes feedback to help you improve and determine what you need to work on to be the best you’ve ever been. That’s where I come in.

To do great things you really need a coach. I’ve had hundreds of success stories. If you follow my program you will succeed. In any distance.

If you would like to look more into this please contact me.

We can discuss what you want to accomplish. I will help you set realistic goals with rewards for hitting your goals. Get out of your comfort zone! Contact me!

Exercise Your Mind

I don’t have to mention that 2020 has been an incredible year. You can take that any way you’d like. Fear, isolation, loneliness, or challenge, determination, strengthening. Which set of words did you choose? Maybe all of them. I still talk to the runners that I coach and other friends who are fitness junkies. A lot are having trouble with motivation right now. I can help. You have to believe you will get what you want. Here’s how.

The point is our brain can go in any direction. With that, it can cause illness or it can help you be the best person you have ever been. If you worry 24/7 about catching Covid-19, or somebody you care for deeply getting sick, it can make you sick. If you don’t let this pandemic control your life totally, it can lead to a stronger mental outlook on life.

Even before the pandemic, the past couple of years have been like a roller coaster, especially up until about 10 months ago. I was in great running shape, had my weight down to the lowest it had been in quite a few years, and was getting race times like I had 10 years ago. Then I let my guard down and I was mentally down and out. I recovered in September of 2019. I read a lot and one thing I learned and forgot about was how a simple brain exercise changes your perception of life and creates happiness.

If upon awakening each morning and think of three things that you are grateful for, after a couple of weeks you will become happy. It works better for me when I journal them. The next exercise is how you look at life personally and what you expect will happen to you in the future. For example, if you think everyone is out to get you and bad things always happen to you, guess what, bad things will happen to you. If you dream that you will be the best runner you can be and you will have positive things happen to you, guess what, you will have good things happen to you. The key is truly believing it.

I can’t tell you how much the shift in my life has been. I went from feeling alone, depressed, constantly getting injured, to running well, meeting awesome, positive people that I love being around, and having things go my way. I’ve never felt this happy, at peace, and secure. All while this pandemic is going on. My thoughts are creating a positive energy that is attracting positive things to occur for me. Not everything happens perfectly, but because my mind is thinking positive when things don’t seem right, I am able to adjust the outlook and change the perception of what is happening from a bad thing to a good thing.

Here’s another example of that. I was stuck behind a huge farm equipment vehicle on a two lane road when I really wanted to get to where I was going as quickly as possible. The old me would have had a meltdown and caused me to be frustrated and possibly ruin the meeting I was headed to. I realized that I can’t change what just happened and so I turned up the music in my car and started thinking about good things. As I was cruising along I looked off to the side of the road and I noticed a trail I hadn’t ever seen before. I’m always looking for new place to run so I looked it up when I got home and now I have yet another cool place to run. I never would have noticed that trail at 55 miles per hour.

Example two. I have always wanted to learn how to kayak. It just fits my love of outdoors and being on or near water. I also had been looking for a bike to be able to ride with my son, friends, and cross train. As far as kayaking I never had the opportunity to do it. It’s not something that you want to learn alone. My son lives 2 miles from a huge state park with a lake that is perfect for kayaking. I kept telling myself someday I’m going to get out there. I met someone a couple of months ago who belongs to a kayak club. She invited me to join the club and I had no idea how I was going to find a kayak during a pandemic when no one had them in stock. I did research and found a place I could rent one. Next problem, how to transport it on a car that is not set up for carrying anything fitness related. I found two pieces of foam and a couple of straps that I could secure it to the roof of my car. It was stressful but I pulled it off. I had the time of my life with the kayak club. I actually went back to a local kayak dealer a couple days later and they happened to get a shipment and had one left that was perfect for a beginner. So I bought it.

Now for the bike. Having been thrilled to death with the kayak situation I had been on a waiting list for over two months for a bike. So it worked for the kayak so I researched other bike shops around here and saw that there was one on my way to where I was headed. I stopped and asked the store salesperson if by chance there were any available bikes. He said they just got a shipment in but all but one were sold already. So I asked to put my name on the waiting list there, told him what model I was looking for and the size I needed. He stopped, looked at me, and said we might have that exact one in that exact size. The one not sold from his shipment. He said that he was building the bikes that came in and if that was indeed the one not sold he would call me. I finished what I was doing later that day and headed home. As soon as I got home my phone rang. It was the bike shop. They had my bike. So I went over and bought it. So now I have the two things I’ve been longing for, and got them both in two days.

My mind was in such a positive frame because of the kayaking day with good people, that I was releasing positive energy. That energy just attracted more positive things to come into my life. The day after I bought the bike I took it for a test ride. I ended up doing 11 miles, not too shabby for a first bike ride in probably 30 years. When I got home I checked my mailbox and there was a card from a good friend that I haven’t been able to see since Christmas. It was just a hi, how are you, I miss you, and thank you for your friendship card. Who does that anymore? It was awesome to feel loved.

Do you believe yet? If you re-frame your mind into being grateful for the things in your life, and take advantage of today, and make every day an opportunity of a life time, I promise your life will change for the good. You start seeing good everywhere instead of viruses, mean people, hate. That still exists but not in my world. Turn your life around and run your best race! This virus situation in the world will end. So when it does, be one that is already happy and on top of the world. It all starts with being grateful for what you have today! If you’re reading this I am grateful that you are in my life right now.

Success Happens with the Extras

manna on main st 2019

The above photo was taken after a 5K in early April 2019.  I placed third male overall.

Immediately after the race, instead of doing my normal cool down of foam rolling and stretching I hopped in a car and drove 3 hours.  Before I reached my destination I started feeling a burning in my right heel.  It progressively got worse as I drove, to the point where I wanted to pull over and try to do something to get rid of the pain.  It didn’t go away.  I went to a podiatrist a week later and he diagnosed the issue as plantar fasciitis.  The resolution is, do what I should have been doing all along.  Foam roll, stretch, ice for pain, anything but ignore.

The bottom line is , pre run and post run work deserve the same attention.  Sign up for my summer “Sunrise” camp and learn how to get better at running by doing all of the right things.

Hit the contact me tab or email me at with questions.


Change Your Life For The Better. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I read this on a blog named “A Conscious Rethink”.  It was #10 on “10 Lessons You Will Only Learn By Stepping Beyond Your Comfort Zone”. I have learned the hard way because I am very introverted (you probably couldn’t tell if I coached you because I am in my comfort zone when I coach). Every time in my life when I really wanted to make something happen, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I was almost 100% of the time glad I did. I made things I dreamed of, happen.
I can tell you stories upon stories where this came into play. The only way to find out is sign up for training and I’m 100% sure you’ll hear every one of them 🙂
Seriously, this is true. If you are tired of feeling stuck in a rut, wanting to change your life for the positive, I can help. I am a running coach, personal trainer, functional movement analyst, caring person who gives everything I have into making you not only the best runner or athlete you can be, but the best person you can be. Contact me. Talking with a motivator is free.
Here’s the meat of what I am blabbing about:
“[T]he heart is a muscle. The brain is a muscle. The body is a network of muscles, and we’ll likely find out soon enough that the souls are too.
But you’ll never learn this lesson if you don’t challenge yourself.
Muscles need to be challenged, otherwise they atrophy. Comfort zones need to be pushed against, thereby increasing our mental mass. They need to be jumped across, giving our hearts a workout.
And they should always, always, be questioned, because questioning increases our self-awareness, which allows us to see more precisely where we limit ourselves with self-imposed boundaries and restrictions.
It’s at the edge of zones that the boundaries between what is desired and whether we’re willing to reach for it get thinner and thinner. You’ll see that the thicker, limiting walls never really provide comfort, they provide immobility to keep us from getting hurt, like a kind of invisible cast.
Except we’re not broken inside. We don’t need a protective cast. We want to run.
Do that. Run. Straight for one horizon, then on to the next. If there’s one overarching comfort in life, it’s this: to feel without doubt that we are truly alive.”

Certified Coach/Personal Trainer Wants To Help You!

Calling all runners who want to become better runners. There are lots of ways to make that happen.
I provide:
individual training for a particular race or just to work on a certain part of your running that you want help with, or,
group training if enough runners want to train together, whether it’s for a certain race or just to get better in a group environment.
Let me know your needs and desires. It’s time to get serious about fall races.
I can train early before work, evenings after, or anytime in between. Contact me!

Group Training Starting Soon

Finally have the date that the group classes will start.

Monday January 28th.  Parkside Place in North Wales/Upper Gwynedd Township park.  we will meet by the swimming pool in the parking lot (in the back passed the police station).  The classes will last until April 18th (Thursday before Easter).  New classes will form again after that in May.

There will be four evenings that you can choose from.  Monday through Thursday.  Each evening you can pick which time you want to join the group.  The choices will be 4pm, 5pm, 6pm.  You may stay for the next group if you start with one of the earlier groups.

Each runner signed up can pick up to two evenings and yes you can pick different times for each.  I really don’t mind if you run all four evenings, I just wanted to let you know that you are entitled to two group sessions for your $75.

Any level of runner is welcome.  I’ve trained beginners and Boston Marathoners.

The only thing I ask is for you to let me know which days and times you are coming by the Friday preceding the week.  So for January 28th, please contact me by Friday the 25th.  There will be days that I will be unavailable like February 6th and 7th, but you all can still meet if you’d like or come on Monday and Tuesday of that week.

I also still have a couple of slots available for one on one training, the cost for that depends on how long you want the training for.  One on one runners are allowed to run with the group training runners as a member of Run Your Best Race.  I expect a wide variety of pace levels so you will usually find someone your speed to run with.  I will be telling you what speed I want you to run so I can help match you up.

If you haven’t already signed up, please do so as soon as possible.  Use the contact me tab above or email me at  Tell me that you want either the group classes or one on one.  Payment is easy, you can use PayPal also on the purchase training tab above.  You can use a credit card or a bank card on PayPal.  Other options are cash or check.  Let’s get this party started and have a great Spring Race season.

New For 2019!

New for 2019, in addition to group classes and individual personal coaching/training services, we are introducing yearlong memberships for Run Your Best Race

Sign up and receive your own personal coach for running and related training for an entire year.

Receive a plan for as many races as you participate in during the year plus get advice on how to recover in between.

One-year membership receives:

Weekly running and strength plan

Functional Movement Screen 4 times/year, if local (within 20 miles of Lansdale, PA)

Run time with Coach Glenn as time and schedules allow, to analyze form, progress, and help with motivation

All members are entitled to join any Run Your Best Race group run or run with a group training class.

BONUS: Coach Glenn is working on his Fitness Nutrition certification and as soon as he receives that you will be entitled to nutrition advice including meal plans.  This service will be an additional fee after the certification is obtained but is included for 2019 if you join now.

Why not be the best runner you can be in 2019?  A personal coach/trainer will help you stay injury free and improve your running.

Membership space will be limited.  Fees are:

One payment of $300 local or $250 for online only, or,

Quarterly payments of $100, or,

Monthly payments of $40.

I do accept PayPal!

This includes everything mentioned above, including nutrition help when certification is earned by Coach Glenn (goal is summer 2019).

This price is a bargain for working with a certified running coach/personal trainer/functional movement screener.  The cost is much less than most gym memberships that don’t even include personal training or group classes without an additional fee.

Contact us today!

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