Change Your Life For The Better. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I read this on a blog named “A Conscious Rethink”.  It was #10 on “10 Lessons You Will Only Learn By Stepping Beyond Your Comfort Zone”. I have learned the hard way because I am very introverted (you probably couldn’t tell if I coached you because I am in my comfort zone when I coach). Every time in my life when I really wanted to make something happen, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I was almost 100% of the time glad I did. I made things I dreamed of, happen.
I can tell you stories upon stories where this came into play. The only way to find out is sign up for training and I’m 100% sure you’ll hear every one of them 🙂
Seriously, this is true. If you are tired of feeling stuck in a rut, wanting to change your life for the positive, I can help. I am a running coach, personal trainer, functional movement analyst, caring person who gives everything I have into making you not only the best runner or athlete you can be, but the best person you can be. Contact me. Talking with a motivator is free.
Here’s the meat of what I am blabbing about:
“[T]he heart is a muscle. The brain is a muscle. The body is a network of muscles, and we’ll likely find out soon enough that the souls are too.
But you’ll never learn this lesson if you don’t challenge yourself.
Muscles need to be challenged, otherwise they atrophy. Comfort zones need to be pushed against, thereby increasing our mental mass. They need to be jumped across, giving our hearts a workout.
And they should always, always, be questioned, because questioning increases our self-awareness, which allows us to see more precisely where we limit ourselves with self-imposed boundaries and restrictions.
It’s at the edge of zones that the boundaries between what is desired and whether we’re willing to reach for it get thinner and thinner. You’ll see that the thicker, limiting walls never really provide comfort, they provide immobility to keep us from getting hurt, like a kind of invisible cast.
Except we’re not broken inside. We don’t need a protective cast. We want to run.
Do that. Run. Straight for one horizon, then on to the next. If there’s one overarching comfort in life, it’s this: to feel without doubt that we are truly alive.”

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