Do Something Positive For Yourself! Take that First Step!

Have you ever watched a 5K Race (or any other similar community run) and wished you could do that? Or think you can’t? Or have before but life got in the way and you think it’s too late to go back? Here’s a great program with a very high rate of success!

If you can spare three hours of your week and follow my program how it is designed, you can and will complete a 5K in only 8 weeks. I am organizing several group classes now.

There will be others, just like you, who will join together two times a week for an hour each, and together you will reach your end goal of completing a 5K. You will also do an hour on your own at your convenience as homework, with my specific instructions.

If you click on the testimonials page above you will see many comments who have completed this program. I promise it is an experience you will never forget. I love seeing the joy of those, just like you, finishing a 5K, maybe for the first time ever. You may also even meet new friends, I’ve seen friendships start in my classes. The group setting gives you motivation as you see others working at the end goal as well.

I have been doing these classes for over 10 years now. It’s time for you to make that step! Classes will be located somewhere in Lancaster County, at a location to be determined by who signs up and where they are coming from. We will do Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, we can do evenings and/or mornings. So there is no excuse to contact me and show your interest! The cost will be under $100 for all 8 weeks!

Upgrade your quality of life! Sign up now! Click on the ‘contact me’ tab above and get started! All questions answered!

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