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OctoHalf Course Training

The OctoHalf 2016 course training starts this Saturday at 7AM.  We’ll meet in the parking lot at School Rd. Park and head over to where the new starting line will be.  This week’s run will be about 6-7 miles and I’ll make sure everyone has someone to run with based on your pace.

It’s not too late to join us.  Contact me at or use the form on the contact me tab here on this website.

Octohalf Training Announced

The training plans for the 2016 OctoHalf Half Marathon, which is being held on Sunday, October 2, 2016, have been announced.  Please click on the OctoHalf Training tab on this site for specific details.

Last year’s training programs were a huge success.  100% of the runners who trained under one of these programs either completed their first half marathon, or set a personal record for the half marathon.

The course has been changed slightly (for the better in my opinion) for the 2016 race.

Your Place Or Mine? What’s Your Plans?

So, what have you all got planned for this year?  15 races, your first marathon, or maybe just run your first race?  It’s always a good idea to set goals ahead of time.  Write them down.  There’s a better chance you’ll meet them if you do that and look at them regularly.  Set long term goals and some medium range ones along the way to the long term.  Finally, get those short term ones down, too.  Those will be the ones that get you to the longer goals.  You can always contact me to help.  Helping you capture those big plans is free.  You’ll need support to meet those goals, anyway.  I’m your guy.

Me?  I’ve got big plans for 2016.  As the best coaching year of my life wound down in 2015 I got certified as a personal trainer.  Now one month into the new year I am getting certified in Functional Movement Screening.  That’ll help me coach my runners or train you all in general more efficiently.  I’ll be able to better customize for you personally what drills or exercises you need to do.  I head to a much warmer climate soon to do that training.  While I’m in Florida I’m running a half marathon to do a check point on my fitness level as well.  I’m almost halfway through my training cycle for the Boston Marathon.  Wow, time flies.

If you really want to run your best, improve, knock your dress or pants size down a notch, or two or three, make this your year!  Commit to it!  Make time for you.  You won’t be able to take care of your children, your wife, parents, family, yourself, whatever as good if you are unhealthy, sick, run down, etc.  You get the idea.  Your energy level grows when you are fit.  Age is no limit, find time.  Stop with those excuses.  I’ve proved the age one wrong, as did my 85 year old mother (Happy Birthday, Mom!  On Saturday, actually).

Do you really want to feel better, look better, run faster, win an age group prize, get big muscles, get healthier in general, whatever you keep saying you should do?  Get in touch with me.  I’m easy to talk to.  You have several ways to get in touch with me.  Email, Facebook, Twitter, text, or call me on the phone (does anyone do that anymore?, just curious).  Email is  Twitter is @GlennMWSR and Facebook is Run Your Best Race.  Or shoot over to the Contact Us tab and fill out the form.  I do get those.  Start with that and I’ll give you my cell phone to call or text me if you find that easier to have me consult with you.  (sorry, too many creeps and robots out there to put the phone number out there right here)

Let me help you reach that goal.  2016 is the year of success!  Let’s get there together!

Training for the Boston Marathon

I spent the past four weeks building up mileage to get ready for this day.  This is the day that I started training for the 2016 Boston Marathon.  The goal for this training cycle is to train smarter and get stronger to have the race of my life.

Last year I was just happy to be there in Boston.  I trained, but never dove into the strength work as much as I should have.  The result was a sluggish race with a tight glute that turned into a hip flexor issue halfway through the race.  Add to that the 40 degrees, 30 mph headwind and the driving rain and it made for a not so fun day.  Don’t get me wrong, the experience of the weekend and race was better than I expected.  It would have been nice to run well.

I recently passed my NASM Certified Personal Trainer exam and studying for that reinforced why I needed to strength train to be able to add mileage injury free.  I started from inside out, working on core stabilization.  That seems to have made an impact on my efficiency when running.  I also worked hard on concentrating on my running form.  I’ll continue to strengthen my body to withstand the increase in mileage I’m about to add.

The past two Mondays I have run 16 miles each time.  Last week it was an easy paced but hilly run to get to where I wanted to be as far as mileage.  Today the plan called for 12 of the 16 miles to be run at marathon pace.  Using my spreadsheet that has enable me to dial in the right training paces for the past few years I set out in the humid air.  I nailed the workout averaging less than .2 seconds per mile faster than the goal pace.  I don’t think I’ve ever nailed a workout that close even in mid training, let alone on day one.

To say that this gives me confidence that I am going to have a great training cycle is an understatement.  I believe the strength training and slow build up of weekly mileage has set me up in a good way.  Mentally I am all in this time.  It’s amazing what your mind enables you to do if it’s in the right frame.  Today I went out knowing I would nail my workout and I did.  I never got sore or tight anywhere as opposed to previous training cycles where I would struggle to finish the first few weeks of tough workouts.

For those of you that follow where I’m racing, in late January I’ll do a test race, the Celebration Half Marathon.  I have another continuing education course, Flexible Movement Systems, I’ll use for my coaching business and it’s near Clearwater the weekend before the race so I thought I’d stick around the warmer climate in January.  I’m also scheduled to run the New York City Half Marathon in March which will be a perfect way to start my taper towards marathon day.

If you’ve got a big race this next year, please give me a chance to train you.  Contact me to get it started or ask questions!



As featured on a local ‘find a professional’ website

Personal Running Coach Services

Provided by: Run Your Best Race, LLC

What do you love about your job?

The best thing about my job is seeing people meet their goals and getting to share in the happiness that it brings them. I also love getting to know people who want to be fit, get better at running, or do something that makes them feel great about themselves. Happy people make a happy world. Personally, it doesn’t feel like a job because I am doing what I love to do.

What or who inspired you to start your own business?

An anonymous person actually inspired me. I was on a social website that I was using to track my calories in an effort to lose weight and support fitness. One of the forums was about running, and there was a “coach” on the site telling people they couldn’t do this or that and scaring people from trying to reach new levels of running. I’m sure she was just trying to caution people from getting hurt, but she was communicating poorly. I chatted with one of the people she was trying to caution, and I ended up working with this person via email and got her to her goal. I then went out and got certified to be a running coach and then started my business. It was the greatest feeling helping that runner get to finish a race that her family was also doing and feeling the gratitude in her messages to me about that accomplishment.

Describe your most memorable project.

I took a runner who never ran more than a couple of miles and trained her online to finish a half marathon in just four months. Everyone else told her she was trying the impossible, but I think I made her believe she could do it. She still runs today, six years later.

Time to Blog Again

First of all, if you were following this blog, I apologize for not writing in the past six months.  March to September tends to be the busiest time of the year for me.  I plan to make this site a priority from here on out.

Do you really want to know what got me going again?  Innocent runners who have no idea they just motivated me again, and a race that I tried to do last Sunday.

First the runners.  I never had such a good time running as I did on Monday.  I was showing three runners the upcoming Octohalf race course.  What I didn’t know before hand was that these awesome runners would give me such a charge.  For each one this or the Rock n Roll Half in late October is their first half marathon.  The Octohalf is less than three weeks away and we were going over each square inch of the course, which is what I do for me, therefore I share with anyone I am coaching.  I pay attention to every detail and try to teach them my methodology.  Isn’t that what coaches do?

I am blessed that everyone I have ever coached has been so kind and full of respect that they show up on time.  I understand a few minutes here and there you cannot predict the last minute red light, etc.  Honestly, I am in awe that in this day and age of being overworked, juggling multiple jobs, being a single parent, not one runner has ever made me angry for delaying a workout. I think that shows that runners, in general, are awesome people, full of respect for fellow mankind.

So I have three runners learning the course ready to go.  One has been running with me for a couple of months now and is the most likable person I have met.  She brings energy every time we run.  She doesn’t know it but she gets me pumped to run (OK, maybe a chance that she knows now if she reads this).  The other two are new to the course.  One is my regular runner’s friend.  The other just found out about my course training recently.

It’s 6:45 AM.  Who is smiling that early?  All four of us!  Why am I smiling?  Because the other 3 brought energy to the group.  If I could wake up every morning like this I would feel like I was in heaven.  My normal routine is, family gone off to work, then I decide to get out of bed and start my day.  Or get up before they do and go run. No people interaction at all.  I am so used to that.  But today it’s different.   Two strangers and a crazy running student who should be a CEO of something since she is so intelligent and has so much energy early in the morning.  Wow, made my day.  They listened to everything I had to say and that alone made me feel good.  On top of that they laughed, made jokes.

I pointed out the details of the course.  That’s what I do.  I am a scientist and analyst of running.  I crunch every number that my Garmin gives me, mix it with the personal vital data that I have on each runner and try to dial in the perfect training plan for each one of my students, online or in person.  Look as far as you can and draw a straight line with your imagination and run that straight line is what I teach. There’s the geometry that I was so good at in high school coming to use.  The runners were all courteous and listened and I felt that they understood what I said.  They stopped talking when I spoke.  Even if I interrupted them.  What a great feeling! All in between them having fun and laughing.  What a coach’s dream.  Runners that listen but still have fun.  I had the pleasure of coaching one of those to her first half marathon last year at this time.  I miss her so much.  I wish all of my runners would need me forever but that’s not happening.  It pumps me up.  It gets my own personal training going full steam ahead.

OK, Sunday’s race.  Coming off of the ultimate high for me, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, it has been a struggle to regain the personal running motivation.  I tried to do a 5K because a friend mentioned that they were in need of runners for a local 5K race.  I actually jogged the course to warmup so that I knew it.  I left the start line and that was it.  I had no mojo.  I finished almost a minute worse than any other 5K I’ve ever run.  I started wondering.  Am I done?  Is training my runners enough satisfaction for me?

After the race, I was so humbled by the lack of effort.  I am so competitive.  That got me steamed on my drive home that I would run less than 100% when I have an example to set.  The next day there I was facing runners who were listening to every word I said hoping to gain knowledge to allow them to get better.  Wow.  Talk about being taught a lesson when I was supposed to be doing the lesson teaching.  My next personal workout was this morning.  Let’s just say I’m back to normal.  See you soon!

Does An Upcoming Race Make You Worry?

Do you get nervous before an upcoming race? A little, a lot, for weeks before, or right before the gun goes off? A lot of energy gets wasted due to anxiety that could affect your performance.

For me, from my many years of experience running races, I try to go about my normal daily routines, and don’t dwell for hours on the upcoming race. Yes I plan for logistics (that takes away anxiety on race day or weekend), but I don’t worry about the race itself. I know that I put in my workouts and what I should expect to be able to run pace-wise based on how well I did my workouts. I might avoid a chore that uses muscles that I don’t normally use in the week or so leading up to the race, but I don’t dwell day in and day out on the race.

So how about race day? I think there are two types of people here. One needs to get pumped up to mentally get into the race. Then there’s the type like me. The morning of a race I like to get to the race site early to avoid any traffic or bathroom issues. I know several people who were late, got out of their car or port-o-john and ran to the starting line only to be the last person crossing the line as the race started already. Everyone of them said that affected their performance. An example of my pre race routine is what I did for the Erie Marathon last September, a race where I qualified for the Boston Marathon and ran a personal best for the marathon.

The day before the race I had driven the course so I knew every inch of it. I even knew where I was going to park. I got to the site at about 5AM for a 7AM race. The sun rose that morning right at 7AM so it was pitch black out. No street lights in this state park on Lake Erie. I parked where I was right across from the beach and could see lights on boats far out on the water. I turned on a playlist of music I prepared for the trip. Nope, not dance music or heart pumping beats. I had soft quiet songs where you can hear the echo of the singer’s voice.  Each song had maybe one or two instruments and you could hear every note very clear. The melodies were soothing. I pictured running the course at my pace as I relaxed. I had about 5 songs lined up and after the 5th I got out of the car and using my phone as a flashlight, made my way up a path for 1/2 mile to the starting area. By then the running club that I belong to had set up a meeting area for the 30+ runners from the club. I ran into quite a few friends and started chatting, not thinking at all about the race at this point. About 30 minutes before the race I wandered off and found a quiet spot to do my warm up routine. After finishing the warm up, I made my way to baggage check and gave them the warm up clothes I was wearing. I made my way to the starting area, and in 5 minutes we were off.

For me keeping my heart rate as low as I can conserves fuel. I remember one race a long time ago where I was into the excitement and pre race music blasting on the PA. People were dancing in place and getting all fired up. I remember struggling to finish that day as I ran out of gas. From then on I found that quiet time is the better way to go for me.  Quiet and alone time recharges me.  You may need that pump up music and that’s fine.  Do your thing, not someone else’s.  Finding a successful routine will help ease any pre race anxiety.  Find it and stick to it every time.

Don’t worry so much about the race and psyche yourself out, draining energy for days and weeks prior.  You did the work.  Expect to do well!  And you will!  Relax, enjoy the surroundings and fellow runners, go find your happy place before the race and you will have a great race!

Congratulations, Janet!!!

Way to go Janet!!!  One of the original Run Your Best Race runners who started in my Couch to 5K program in 2012, Janet just completed the Disney World Dopey Challenge this past weekend. For those that don’t know what that is, Janet completed a 5K on Thursday, a 10K on Friday, a Half Marathon on Saturday, and a full Marathon on Sunday. Incredible. What a major accomplishment and what a comeback!

Janet you work so hard at training, you deserve all of those medals.  On behalf of all of the Run Your Best Race runners, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

It’s Game Time!

Do you have a running goal? If yes, how bad do you want it?

If the answer to that is “a lot!”, “real bad!”, “oh yeah!”, or something similar, you could use a certified running coach.

A certified running coach will listen and understand your goal, evaluate your current conditioning, and will create a custom training plan fit to see you reach your goal.

They will tell you how many miles to run and what pace to run them at for every mile that you run.

They will give you warm up exercises, strength training exercises tailored to address any weakness.

They will offer to run with you to re-evaluate you and answer questions to ease any anxiousness.

They will adjust your plan as needed for any bumps in the road (things happen) and accelerate or decelerate the plan based on re-evaluation.

They will feel like your best friend.

If you listen to your coach (instead of your spouse/work buddy/barber/massage therapist/pet), follow the plan, and communicate honestly and often you will reach your goal a lot faster (we’re talking years faster for some goals).

Does your generic training plan (geared towards the general population) that you found on the internet do that for you?

Does it give feedback and motivate you, adjust itself because you told it you had a family emergency in the middle of it, and hold you accountable when you need it?

My custom training plans are not expensive and worth every penny.

I train anyone from beginners to Boston Marathoners.

For a free quote and/or consultation contact me at!

Now is the time to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Don’t wait any longer!

Congratulations Fall Runners!

What an incredible and successful fall racing season we’ve had!  Stay tuned for information about the upcoming Holiday Party to celebrate all of our accomplishments and to toast an even better 2015!

Congrats to:

Jamie – Completed half marathon training plan with first ever half marathon (Rock & Roll Philly) going for sub 2 hour in 2015 and finished her first 10K at the Rocky Balboa 10K

Jenny – First ever half marathon (Philly Half)

Carrie – Longest race to date (Octorun 13k) she is training for her first half marathon in 2015

Mary Beth – Longest race to date (Octorun 13K) several age group awards this year

Sandy – Continues to work hard and do well at the races (just completed another Turkey Trot race this year!)

Anne – Great performance at the Tapping of the Great Pumpkin 5K!

Linda – Great job at Manna On Main St 5K, Rocky Balboa 5K, and Towamencin Turkey Trot 5K

Dale – Completed a couple of 5K races this fall.

My Deja Vu Half Marathon teammates:

John, Lynne (finished her first Broad St. run earlier this year), Mary Beth, and Jamie. We finished in 3 Hours 40 Minutes good for 13th place.



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