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What Is Wellness?

I know we’re getting hopeful for escape from covid. I just wanted to share my thoughts and near term future goals for Run Your Best Race.

The pandemic has had a major affect on our wellness. One of the positive things is having so much alone time has given me the chance to set my plan in motion to make Run Your Best Race a full wellness outlet for you all.

Wellness has 6 dimensions. Emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. I have grown so much in 5 of those during this time of social distancing, with social wellness being the weakest. It wasn’t all bad, zoom and face time chats helped a lot. I can’t wait to get back to in person social situations.

Emotionally, I have learned in the past year to rid my mind of any anger and resentment. I’ve learned how freeing my mind has made life look so much better in everything. Physically I am working hard at eating better and exercising consistently and using various means of getting that exercise to strengthen all parts of my body. Improving my mind, body, and spirit wellness has made me a healthier person.

I have been studying to pass my nutrition coach exam and reading anything positive that I can get my hands on. I feel better when I am doing something positive and learning. That’s why making my living doing this is so satisfying. It’s not always easy to find that dream job but you can get some of that happiness from doing volunteer work.

Spiritually it’s been easy to grow with all of the isolation and alone time. I can calm my mind with meditation or music. This has helped me emotionally as well.

Wellness is a combination of all 6 dimensions. Once we get back to socializing in person I imagine I will be one complete happy guy.

Run Your Best Race will be offering any service to you that will contribute to your happiness and wellness. Whether it’s a plan to run your best, get stronger physically or mentally, learn how to eat better, either one on one or socializing with like minded people.

As the year goes, and as we start to break free of the isolation, I will be rolling out various programs to help in your wellness goal. I will outline what programs I will offer in detail.

Feel free to contact me at any time to ask questions or request a service that I may or may not be able to offer. If I am not qualified for something I will offer a referral to a well respected qualified person who can.

Hang in there! I will see you soon!

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