“I have never felt so prepared for a race as I am for this.” – T.K.

“Your training has been life changing…” – L.G.

“Glenn is fantastic! He is reliable, well educated in running and fitness training, super supportive and an all around pleasure to work with. I’ve learned a lot and thrilled with the progress I have made. Thanks Glenn!!!!!” – S.B.

“Glenn is great coach and exactly what I needed to elevate my game! I never worked with a coach before and needed some guidance to run my fastest marathon yet. Glenn provided expert advice and a detailed game plan for training and race day.” – B.R.

“Great coach. He adds a lot of value and knows a lot of information. Also a very easy to schedule with and most of all he enjoys coaching.” -A.S.

“I’m glad to be running with the group and think I’m a better runner because if it.  Your suggestions for pace, warm-up and cool down have been beneficial.” – E.S.

“…THANK YOU!!  I felt like I arrived at the start line well-trained and ready…” – M.P. (PR in half marathon)

“Best guy/coach ever!!!!” – P.C.

“I beat my goal time by 5 minutes and PR-ed…special thanks to Run Your Best Race for the stellar coaching!” – P.M.

“Best coach ever!!!  Got me to my half marathon!!!” – J.R.

“I loved the group atmosphere of the class and meeting others who are trying to…become more active and begin running.  I loved Glenn’s suggestions for warming up, running form, and other great tips he provides during the duration of the class.  I appreciated his positive attitude and confidence he has in his students.” – C. W.

“Glenn knows so much about running.” – R.W.

“I’ve learned so much from Glenn!” – V.K.

“Thanks so much for your help on my first half marathon.  I couldn’t have done it without you!” – J.M.

“Glenn is a great motivator!” – D.

“You’ve really helped me with my running!” – S.W.

“It was amazing how following a training plan enabled me to run my first 10K!” – L.W.

“You are making a difference to so many people!” – J.R.

“You are an incredible inspiration!” – K.H.

From the new runners class of Spring 2013:

“I liked the take it at your own pace philosophy.”

“I liked the incrementally increase in running time…at the individual’s pace.”

“Great coach, nice people.”

“I wish it were longer.”

“I liked the gradual progression at your own pace.”

“This class exceeded my expectations.”

From the new runners class of Fall 2012:

“‘Run your best race’ has allowed me to live a childhood dream of running!  I was flabbergasted at my ability to complete a 5k in only 8 weeks after never running for no more than a minute at a time. I am now able to routinely run which has created a healthier lifestyle for myself. Thank you, Coach Glenn!”

“…I liked Coach Glenn’s dedication to the sport and to the participants”

“I liked the gradual progression in training”

” Absoluteley great program…Interval training worked well to build up endurance and confidence.  Coach and other class members were very supportive and motivating”

“Everyone in the class worked at their own pace and Coach Glenn spent time with us all.  I liked Coach Glenn’s suggestions for getting ready for the 5K.”

“It went far beyond my expectations, thanks!!!…I liked the frequency of class, kept me on target, the ability to reach impossible goals, and taking it step by step.”

” I liked connecting with the other class members”

From the new runners class of Spring 2012:

“Running with other people makes it much easier….Glenn was so encouraging and positive….it was very helpful to learn how to run properly.”

“I liked connecting with the others in the class…I liked Coach Glenn’s dedication to the sport and to the participants”

“Coach Glenn provided us with lots of useful information in small doses which was great…I liked how he knew us and made each of us feel like we were important to him…I was very happy and look forward to working with him in the future.”

“I learned that being in a group works better and although I never ran before, I ran the 5K race after this class!…I like the slow progression each week and the emails that explained what was going to happen on a particular week…Coach Glenn was very happy and willing to help in any way and answer questions.”

“This class was above my expectations.  I never thought I could run a 5K…I liked the way we trained and ran/walked in increments until we were ready to run 3.1 miles…Coach Glenn was very nice…always positive feedback.”

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