Success Happens with the Extras

manna on main st 2019

The above photo was taken after a 5K in early April 2019.  I placed third male overall.

Immediately after the race, instead of doing my normal cool down of foam rolling and stretching I hopped in a car and drove 3 hours.  Before I reached my destination I started feeling a burning in my right heel.  It progressively got worse as I drove, to the point where I wanted to pull over and try to do something to get rid of the pain.  It didn’t go away.  I went to a podiatrist a week later and he diagnosed the issue as plantar fasciitis.  The resolution is, do what I should have been doing all along.  Foam roll, stretch, ice for pain, anything but ignore.

The bottom line is , pre run and post run work deserve the same attention.  Sign up for my summer “Sunrise” camp and learn how to get better at running by doing all of the right things.

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